Merry Christmas Daniel!

“We really appreciate the blessing that the Love is Louder than Cancer foundation has blessed us with. Daniel has been hospitalized four times within this past year with complications from Medication and procedures from his diagnosis of PreB ALL leukemia. This has caused major financial strain on our family as we have missed work due to the hospital visits and stays. Daniel has an upbeat spirit and keeps us looking to God for all kinds of miracles. Your organization has been that for us as we have been praying for months for help with Christmas for Daniel and to have food on the table. His Medicaid ran out in October and I was hospitalized that same month as well. We have mounting hospital debt from both stays and I have been unable to return to work as of yet. Please keep our family in your prayers and we pray God’s blessings on your generosity with this organization.

Sincerely, Erica Zavaleta (Daniel’s Mom)”


The folks here at the organization will INDEED be lifting your family up in prayer!